After 10 years of working full-time and studying part-time, Lucia Pecnikova is graduating with a BA. But the studying isn’t over. She’ll begin a graduate degree in counselling psychology at SFU this fall. Photo: Greg Ehlers

Students, Convocation

Convocation 2017: SFU experience “life-changing” for Lucia Pecnikova, BA

June 08, 2017

To say that Lucia Pecnikova has an insatiable thirst for knowledge is an understatement. Pecnikova, an academic advisor with SFU Student Services, is graduating with an SFU BA this month after completing 163 course credits instead of the required 120.

She completed most of those courses while working full-time and attending SFU part-time to complete a double minor—in English and in counselling and human development. To accomplish her goal, she pursued courses through SFU NOW: Nights or Weekends and SFU’s Centre for Distance Education.