Woojin Lim (middle), Philosophy professor Endre Begby (left), and TA Caroline von Klemperer (right).

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Surrey highschooler studying philosophy at SFU nets international human rights prize

April 27, 2018

Woojin Lim is a Grade 12 student at Fraser Heights Secondary in Surrey who, after studying philosophy at SFU and earning a top prize in the 2018 HART Prize for Human Rights, is now also weighing offers from Yale and Harvard University for his undergraduate education.

Lim's essay, "The Refugee Crisis, Burden-Sharing and Moral Obligations," took first place in the junior category. He took Philosophy 121: Global Justice in fall 2017 as part of the Concurrent Studies program, which admits high-achieving secondary school students into undergraduate courses on campus, giving them a taste of university life as well as pushing academic achievement.

Fraser Heights currently offers Concurrent Studies through its Science Academy partnership with SFU; however, Lim chose two social sciences courses from FASS that matched his interests better. He thinks he might be the first arts-only student from his school.

With an interest in politics and global justice, Lim describes PHIL 121 as “the perfect course” for him. He enjoyed Professor Endre Begby’s approach, mixing theory with practical application using current events as examples.

Lim, who is considering economics and politics or general social studies with a view to a career in law, describes his experience at SFU as useful for building academic life skills.

“Concurrent Studies is a good transition into university life,” he explains. “Along with new freedoms come the responsibility to attend lectures and study, and the consequences of not completing coursework.”

Although he’s only taking one SFU course and not two this term, Lim is still busy academically. He’s currently reviewing university options with offers from both Yale and Harvard to consider. Lim credits his experience at SFU for helping with his successful application.