Program: PhD (Human Geography)

Supervisor: Dr. Eugene McCann

Committee: Dr. Damien Contandriopoulos (University of Victoria); Dr. Kendra Strauss (Simon Fraser University)


  • MA, Geography, Simon Fraser University
  • Thesis: Policy Frontiers: City-Regional Politics of Poverty and Drug Policy Mobility
  • BA (Hons.), Geography, University of British Columbia


Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship (Doctoral), Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (2020)


I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography. As a geographer and health policy researcher, my research is concerned broadly with the spatial, political-economic, and social dimensions of health care policymaking. I use a comparative political economy approach to study the movement and implementation of market-oriented health policy reforms and health services restructuring in Canada and the UK.

My doctoral research examines comparative primary care reform in British Columbia, England, and Scotland. The research seeks to explain how funding reforms in the three jurisdictions – including local experimentation ­­­­– are reshaping the roles of government, civil society, and the private sector in care provision and the governance of public health care systems. It seeks to understand what effects these changes have on citizens served by these public health care systems, and how political struggles over the marketization of public health care are expressed through, and influenced by, primary care reform. Using a mixed-methods, case study approach, this research seeks to explain how the political and economic aspects of primary care reform shape whether jurisdictions are successful – or not – in their efforts to improve population health and contain health care costs within a context of fiscal pressure.

I am also a research associate with the BC Office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, and publish health policy and health services research on a variety of topics, including health care funding, privatization, surgical wait times, pandemic response, seniors’ care, physician compensation and primary care reform. I am a frequent commentator on health policy issues, and my research and commentaries have appeared in/on CBC News, CKNW, CTV, Global, The Globe and Mail, Healthy Debate, Policy Note, Policy Options, The Province, The Toronto Star, The Tyee, The Vancouver Sun, among others.


Journal Articles and Book Chapters

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London: Routledge. [Invited reprint from Space & Polity article]

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Selected Research Reports

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Selected Commentaries and Interviews

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