The Belongings of Precariously Housed People - A Report

November 09, 2023

A new report created by SFU geography professor Nick Blomley and other Canadian university researchers highlights the need to rethink practices that impact homeless people and the safe handling and importance of their belongings. By holding up marginalized voices and concerns, Blomley hopes the report and their research at large can counter stigma and 'othering' by providing a broader perspective to regulators and the greater public.

Read the SFU Faculty of Environment article here.

Online Panel Discussion Abstract: Unhoused and precariously housed people must continuously navigate various public and private spaces, including sidewalks, parks, shelters, transitional housing, storage facilities, rooming houses, single-room accommodations, and insecure rental housing. Their belongings are vulnerable to the rules set for each of these regulators. This event will launch a new report that compiles and analyses the multiple laws and regulations that govern people and their personal property. It details how these rules result in the seizure and destruction of belongings, almost always without remedies.

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