Rob Ehlert


Program: MSc

Supervisor: Dr. (William) Jesse Hahm

Education: B.Sc., Physical Geography, Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada (2018)

Research description: 

Subsurface controls on ecosystem sensitivity to precipitation phase and magnitude in the rain-snow transition zone

In Mediterranean climates, where the majority of precipitation is limited to a handful of winter months, plants rely on stored water in the growing season. For regions dominated by snowfall, much of this water is held above ground as snowpack during the winter months. Current climate trends indicate areas near the rain-snow transition elevations will see a decrease in the fraction of precipitation arriving as snowfall. Summer-plant available water in these regions may depend on snowpack, which is not limited by subsurface storage. My research focuses on investigating the relationship between plant productivity and interannual variability in precipitation phase and magnitude in the rain-snow transition zones of the Sierra Nevada. 


Graduate Fellowship, Simon Fraser University, Sept. 2022

Special Graduate Entrance Scholarship, Simon Fraser University, Sept. 2021

Teaching Assistantships:

Fall 2021 (GEOG 150, GEOG 311)

Spring 2022 (GEOG 316)

Research Assistantships:

Summer 2022