Update from the Geography Student Union

June 26, 2020

The GSU has had an exciting and eventful 2019/2020 year. We kicked it off by participating in the 2020 FROSH “Amazing Race” event, which got a few kids inspired to join the GSU as first-year executives. We also revamped the common room in RCB; cleaned out the filing cabinet, closets, bookshelf, and added plants, lights, and mirrors. We also got a new couch and chairs, with more improvements coming to make the student experience the best it can be. We have had a great marketing and events team helping us create a new stylized logo and standardized marketing guide. We have a very engaged team of executives.

This Fall and Spring we sold lots of our beloved “Reunite Pangaea” hoodies and shirts. We may order some more in the future, so shoot us a message if you are interested in repping the retro GSU logo. We also have stickers with our new logo.

For the first time, we hosted a joint Experiential Learning Trip. The GSU, Bachelor of Environment Student Union (BESU), and Environmental Science Student Union (EVSCSU) wanted to help grow strength within the Faculty. The main goal when planning this Experiential Learning trip was to foster a better sense of community and friendship between students while providing them with a beneficial educational experience. Highlights include the Space Needle, Museum of Pop Culture, Monorail, Link Rail, and the first Starbucks. We got a series of talks from U of W’s Geography Department on many fascinating research projects. And one of those students took us on a tour of Pioneer Square to highlight its queer history. We had immense success going to Seattle, and with 21 attendees it was one of the best trips the student unions have hosted.

We are excited for what the next year will hold! You can keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram.

- The GSU Executive

Marina Miller and Chris Mitchell
Co-Chairs, SFU Geography Student Union