Facilities & Major Equipment

SIS Labs

SIS Lab 1 (AQ 2111) has 24 seats with a LCD projector. SIS Lab 2 (AQ 2113) has 14 seats with a LCD projector and a digitizer. SIS Lab 3 (AQ 2109) has 27 seats with two monitors and two LCD projectors. The lab is available for rentals (contact Justin Song, SIS Lab Administrator at jdsong@sfu.ca) For more info, please visit SIS Labs web site.

Geophysical equipment

Multichannel electrical resistivity Earth imaging system -- AGI SuperString R8/IP system with 112 electrodes (take-outs at 12.25 m spacing) powered by deep cycle batteries.  The equipment is available for research rentals (contact B-Jae Kelly, Manager, Logisitics & Technical Operations at bkelly@sfu.ca or 778-782-3581 for inquiries). Geography also shares use of a 400 V PulseEkko pE PRO with 50, 100 and 200 MHz antennas with the Department of Earth Sciences.

Flume Lab

15m long x 1m wide x 50cm deep flume was designed to study sediment dynamics. The flume is fitted with a robotic Swath Mapping System (SMS) that measured 3D bed topography using a 32 transducer Seatek echo-sounding system wand water surface topography using 5 MassaSonic ultrasonic sensors.