BCIA Academic Worksheet Guide

Thinking about becoming a Professional Agrologist? 

As of September 2022, registration as a professional agrologist (P.Ag.) will be required to provide all agrology services within the province of British Columbia.  As a student in our Physical Geography major (Biogeophysical stream) you can pursue the coursework required for P.Ag. registration as part of your degree.  Doing so ensures you will graduate ready to become an Articling Agrologist, the first step in becoming fully registered to practice.

Specific courses are required in order to apply for registration as a Professional Agrologist (P.Ag.).  The BCIA Academic Worksheet is a tool to help you track your progress towards completion of these courses at SFU.  You can use this worksheet throughout your degree to see which courses you still need.  Follow the step-by-step guide below to learn how to use the worksheet.


Using the BCIA Academic Worksheet

Getting Started

You will need:

Step One

Assess your courses:

  • cross-reference your advising transcript with the BCIA approved course listing for SFU
  • on your transcript, identify* the courses you will use in each of the three different sections of the academic worksheet

*Tip - you may want to use a different coloured highlighter to help you differentiate the courses for each section

Step Two

Fill in the BCIA Academic Worksheet:

  • using the advising transcript that you prepared in step one, fill in the courses in the corresponding section/s of the BCIA Academic Worksheet

Keep in mind that:

  • courses counted in the foundational natural sciences/additional foundational courses section (section 1 on the worksheet) cannot also be used in the agrology and senior agrology courses sections (sections 2 and 3)
  • upper division courses used for section 2 (all agrology courses) can also be used in section 3 (senior agrology-related courses)

Sample Worksheet