SFU and APSA have formed a new 2021 Joint Compensation Review Committee (2021 JCRC)

April 23, 2021

In 2017 SFU introduced a new job evaluation (JE) methodology for all APSA and Excluded positions that would be more efficient for those who evaluate jobs and create job descriptions. This “Hay Method” is a widely used approach to work measurement and is commonly used in the post-secondary sector in Canada, around the world and by many of our comparator organizations. It is also the only method supported by the Canadian courts in matters of gender pay equity.

The project was completed in October 2020, and we are now using the Hay Method for all JE requests for APSA and Excluded positions. Its implementation has resulted in our ability to complete job posting requests within 30 business days and all other requests in a minimum of 60 business days; and we are able to support leaders with time constraints meet their needs with department-paid external support.

In February this year, a 2021 Joint Compensation Review Committee (2021 JCRC) was formed as part of the Pekeles Mediation Agreement between SFU and APSA, to address unresolved items from previous negotiations. This group, with equal representation from both parties, has been meeting bi-weekly following a jointly agreed-to agenda, and are working to a jointly agreed-upon timeline to ensure the completion of the deliverables outlined in the agreement by September 1, 2021.

Those deliverables are:

1.       Market Survey Content Review

The committee will work jointly with HR consulting firm Mercer, to review the format of the market survey report using the data collected in 2018, and make recommendations for how it is presented and what the next steps should be.

2.       Appeal Process Recommendation

The committee will work jointly with HR and management consulting firm Korn Ferry Hay Group, to review job evaluation appeal processes used by comparable organizations that also use the Hay method, and the committee will provide a recommendation on SFU’s APSA appeal process.

Note that job evaluations and re-evaluations can be conducted at any time by contacting your HR Business Partner; find out more about SFU’s job evaluation and appeal (re-evaluation) process here.

3.       Training Content Recommendation

The committee will work jointly with Korn Ferry Hay to review recommended content for an in-house training program to support SFU leaders in writing job descriptions for APSA positions which conform to the principles of the Hay Methodology.

Alongside these deliverables, SFU agreed to help ensure those job descriptions that were last updated prior to 2016 are updated. The University has provided APSA Executive a list of these; APSA Executive will advise the University on a priority order, and the University will work with leaders to make the updates.

2021 JCRC Milestone Dates

Committee set up (SFU/APSA)    March
Market survey analysis & recommendations (Mercer)  June 1
Appeals process recommendation (Korn Ferry Hay)  August 1
Content for in-house training recommendation (Korn Ferry Hay)   September 1
Identify and prioritizing updating job descriptions older than 2016 (SFU)  September 1
Final report (JCRC)   September 1

2021 Joint Compensation Review Committee Representation

Equal representation of SFU and APSA:

SFU:  Tanya Morrison (Director Total Compensation) Elsa Plican (Director HR), Sukh Kaila (Labour Relations Advisor) and Lea Tsang (Labour Relations Specialist)

APSA:  David Agosti (President), Andrew Boden (Executive Director), David Harvey (external consultant), Lakshmi Gosyne (Communications and Engagement Coordinator)

Additional Information

For information about the job evaluation process, please contact your HR Strategic Business Partner.

For information about the mediated agreement or other labour relations items, please contact Labour Relations: lr_team@sfu.ca. 

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