Managed Mac


  • macOS 13, "Ventura"
  • macOS 12, "Monterey"
  • macOS 11, "Big Sur"
  • macOS 10.15, "Catalina" 


Please refer to the SFU Enterprise eStore for details.



You can access managed Windows devices remotely using SFU VPN service.


How-to guides

Technical details

For IT administrators

Check out the Managed Mac wiki on Confluence for latest technical details.


What is a Managed Mac?

A broad definiton might be that a Managed Mac is a workstation that includes a set of services designed to enhance security, interoperability, and support for Mac users.

In simpler terms, it could be described as a Mac that is safer for users, and easier to support and mantain for administrators.

You get to focus on your work, while we focus on maintenance.

Will I lose control of my Mac?

Not necessarily. The understanding is that we work on the computer (on your behalf) so that you can focus on your work. Management does not preclude ownership nor administration of the workstation. Some owners of managed Macs are administrators on their own computers. However, most software or configuration requests can be handled quite quickly and readily (usually faster than most users can obtain the software themselves).

Does this mean I won't be able to install programs?

Pursuant to the previous point, it is still possible for many classes of users to install their own versions of software, either from the App Store or via other means. Additionally, it is always possible to install applications in your home ~/Applications folder to meet your organizational goals. Don't see software that you need? Ask for it, we can usually assign new software titles in minutes.

Which programs do you install?

The list is extensive, and ever changing. Suffice to say (with a few exceptions) that any managed Mac gains access to almost ALL the software the University has license for.

Do you backup all my files?

I.T. Services is slowly rolling out a backup service for all administrative staff managed Macs. Talk to your local support person for more information.

I don't want to be Managed, can I still receive support?

The managed Mac team at Simon Fraser University has an ongoing committment to ensuring a safe, reliable and productive computing environment on campus. To this end, we try and respond to all reasonable requests for help. For more information, simply email

Support for IT staff on Managed Mac

This is for IT administrators only.

  • Ask questions about managed Mac
  • Request access to the official documentation on Confluence
  • Request training and onboarding