eStore (computers & equipment)

Purchase computers and accessories via SFU's procurement service

Thinking of purchasing computers or other equipment using SFU's procurement service? Faculty and staff can browse availabe computers and accessories, and obtain quotes here in the SFU Enterprise eStore.

eStore provides:

  • Laptop and desktop computers
  • Displays and accessories, e.g. microphones, web cameras, document cameras, etc.
  • Custom orders

Browse products + Get a quote

Browse through our recommendations and download individual quotes on our procurement quotes page.

Browse products + get a quote

For departmental procurement staff

To save you time from waiting for a quote, we recommend you register an account with the 24/7 Microservce eStore to browse the latest products and generate quotes automatically.


Questions or issues?

Have further questions about eStore purchases or hardware quotes?

  • Questions or issues about eStore
  • Request access to Microserve eStore
  • Purchase and provision a Digital Signage Player
  • Purchase and provision a Meeting Room Presentation PC with Intel Unite

Inquire / request

Available to

Faculty & Staff

*Students aren't eligible for this service, however, educational discount for major sellers may be available. 

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