Campus network services

As part of SFU’s ongoing efforts to improve IT security, select services are now only available through the SFU campus network. For remote access to the SFU campus network you must be signed in to SFU’s virtual private network (SFU VPN) to ensure that additional security measures are in place.


Available to faculty and staff

myINFO, FINS and Hyperion are only available while connected to the SFU on-campus network. To remotely access these services, sign in to SFU's virtual private network and have your SFU account protected by multi-factor authentication

how can former employees access tax (t4) information? 

Staff that have left SFU within the last two years can access SFU's virtual private network (SFU VPN) to sign in to myINFO for T4 information.

If you cannot use SFU VPN, please contact SFU's payroll office at 778.782.8486 or email to mail you your T4 information directly.

Available to 

Facultystaff, graduate students

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