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The owner or manager of a maillist can modify the properties of the list. They can change the description, delivery status, and the maillist visibility.



Changing the Maillist Owner

The ownership of a list may be transferred to another person. If the computing id of the current owner is active, transfer of ownership is a two-step process which may be initiated either by the owner of the list, or by an existing manager of the list who wants to take over ownership.

Click the Transfer... button to transfer ownership.

Then enter their computing ID and click Transfer.


A maillist can have a status of defined, active, or inactive:

  • defined: the list has been created, but has not yet been activated.
  • active: the list has been activated and can be used as a maillist, and for access control
  • inactive: the list exists, but cannot be u.sed for email or access control.

List Type

There are 3 main list types:

  • Standard maillist: The membership of the list is manually managed. Either the list is set up to allow members to subscribe themselves, or they must be added/deleted by an owner or manager of the list.
  • Courselist: The list is associated with a course or section. The students registered in the course, and the instructors for the course (if known) are automatically added to and deleted from the list.
  • Academic Plan list: The list is associated with an Academic Plan. The students registered in the Academic Plan are automatically added to and deleted from the list.

Delivery Status

You can turn off delivery of messages to a list temporarily (or permanently) by clicking the Suspend Delivery button. The list is still active, and can be used for access control, but mail sent to the list will get a rejection message returned, saying that delivery to the list is suspended.

This is recommended for lists that are only created to be used as access control lists, or for very large lists that do not get much email traffic. This will prevent those lists from being used for spam.

Maillist Visibility

Normally, the name of a maillist will show up in any search by name that matches the list. If you click the Hide List button, the maillist name will only appear in search results for members of the list.

Expire Date

If an expire date is set, the list status will change to inactive on or after that date.

Subscription Policies, Message Handling Attributes, and Welcome Messages and Notes

You can also edit your Subscription Policies, Message Handling Attributes, and Welcome Message and Notes here. These properties are hidden by default. To expand and show these properties, simply press the Show text.