Joanna Niezen Named 2022-2023 Faculty of Science Teaching Fellow

September 07, 2022
Photo courtesy of Joanna Niezen

We are delighted that our Lecturer Joanna Niezen has been named a Faculty of Science Teaching Fellow (FTF) for 2022-2023.

During her FTF term, Joanna will redesign the Math workshops to make them more inclusive and better serve all Science students. Her project is critical in supporting students enrolled in the large first-year mathematics classes.

“I'm looking forward to making the workshops more inclusive and useful for all students, as well as collaborating with colleagues across the Faculty of Science,” says Joanna.

Joanna joined our department last year and has brought a creative, energetic, and empathetic presence to our mathematics classes. She actively contributes to EDI and community outreach initiatives, including the SFU Math EDI Advisory Group and the Association for Women in Mathematics Student Chapter at SFU.

Congratulations on your appointment as a 2022-2023 FTF, Joanna! We look forward to seeing your work with our workshops.

Learn more about the role of the SFU Faculty Teaching Fellows here