Alum Julian Sahasrabudhe Featured in Quanta Magazine for Work on Ramsey Theory

July 14, 2023
Photo courtesy of Julian Sahasrabudhe

Our alum Julian Sahasrabudhe and his collaborators established a new upper bound for diagonal Ramsey numbers. This exponentially improves the upper bound obtained by Erdős and Szekeres ninety years ago.

Learn more about their work in the Quanta Magazine story entitled “A Very Big Small Leap Forward in Graph Theory”. The full paper is available on arXiv.

Julian was an undergraduate student in our department. In 2012, he received the SFU Mathematics Undergraduate Prize for his work as an USRA under Tom Brown and Veselin Jungic.

Julian is currently a University Assistant Professor in the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics (DPMMS) at the University of Cambridge. He was awarded the European Prize in Combinatorics in Summer 2021.  

Want to learn more about Julian and his research? Check out his website, as well as his interview on The Ramsey Theory Podcast: No Strangers At This Party.