Quantitative Placement Test

Who should take the Q test?

  1. Students who have not satisfied the SFU Quantitative Admissions Requirement. (Those barred from registering in Q courses.)
  2. Students who do not technically satisfy the prerequisites for MATH 100 or MATH 190BUT can prove adequate knowledge of foundational concepts. 

Check out the list of ASSESSMENT TOPICS.

To accurately gauge your math skills, try the Q PRACTICE TEST first.

Test Details:

  • 90 minutes 
  • Closed book
  • In-person - Burnaby campus
  • 30 multiple choice questions
  • 4-function calculator (no graphing calculators)
  • The test can only be written ONCE. 
  • Once the test begins the 90 minute countdown starts and cannot be paused.
  • PASSING SCORE: 20/30

What if I don't pass?

  • Option A: Complete the SFU FAN X99 course. (A grade of C is required.)
  • Option B: Upgrade high school math courses via continuing education. 

*A score of 20/30 is required to pass the Q test.*

*Any score less than 20 is considered a FAIL.*


Upcoming Q Placement Test Dates


June 252024 (Tuesday) 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM
August 28, 2024 (Wednesday) 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM

Location: AQ3148.1 at SFU Burnaby campus.

This test can be written one time only; test re-writes are not allowed. 


  • Email math_advice@sfu.ca from your SFU email address.
  • Subject line: "Quantitative Placement Test - [Desired Test Date]"
  • Attach your advising transcript
  • Include the following in the body of your email:
    • Full legal name
    • Student number
    • Computing ID
    • Testing date
    • The reason you are taking the test (e.g., do you need FAN X99? do you need a prerequisite to enrol in a certain course?)

DEADLINE: Students must register two business days prior to their desired testing date. 

Since you can only take the Q Placement Test once, you should get familiar with the list of assessment topics and try the practice test beforehand.

Q Practice Test

Q Assessment Topics