Canadian University Diversity Scan

Canadian University Diversity Scan

Canadian University Diversity Scan

Professor Genevieve Fuji Johnson and SFU MA student Robert Howsam found that the senior administrative leadership pipeline at Canadian universities is leaky for racialized minorities.  

The leadership diversity gap study is published in collaboration with The Diversity Gap and the Academic Women’s Association at the University of Alberta. It focused on 1,299 central and senior administrators from five Canadian universities:

  • Simon Fraser University 
  • the University of British Columbia
  • the University of Toronto 
  • the University of Victoria
  • York University 

The administrative positions examined included departmental program chairs (e.g., undergraduate program chair), departmental chairs, associate deans, deans, and senior executives (e.g., vice-presidents, provosts, and presidents). The infographic represents these findings.

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Full paper

Johnson, G., & Howsam, R. (2020). Whiteness, Power and the Politics of Demographics in the Governance of the Canadian Academy. Canadian Journal of Political Science, 1-19. doi:10.1017/S0008423920000207