Study Abroad

Studying in another country can be an academically and culturally invigorating experience, allowing you to return to SFU with a new outlook on the world and skills that will enhance your future employability.

International Exchange

You can study at one of our 30 partner institutions and your time spent abroad will count towards your degree at SFU. By representing SFU and the Department of Political Science, you contribute to the university’s international network, and bring back a global perspective to your classes and your studies. Before applying, keep in mind that your eligibility is dependent upon various factors, however you can find out more on the Study Abroad website.

External programs

Consider external organizations that offer global programming with unique opportunities to learn directly from local people worldwide:

NATO Field School

The Department of Political Science is proud to offer the NATO Field School and Simulation Program. The NATO Field School offers applied learning and directed practice in the areas of national security and defence, as well as international cooperation and diplomacy. You'll go on several day-trip excursions in British Columbia, visit other parts of Canada, and then head to Europe.

Check out other Field School options available at SFU.

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