Completed Theses & Projects

Doctoral dissertations, Master's theses and Master's projects completed in political science are publicly available in PDF format through SFU Summit.

Recent theses and projects





Maksim Muratov

In or Out? Power and Coalition-making in European Parliaments for Radical Right Parties

Steven Weldon

Victoria Mahon

Political Ideology and Motivations for Participation in Online Activism 

Laurel Weldon 

Alexander Beyer, PhD

Contexts to Exploit Conflicts - Political Opportunity Structures for Radical Right Parties in Western Europe

Steven Weldon 

Denis Dogah, PhD

From the Organization of African Unity (OAU) to African Union (AU): Regionalism, International Organization and Institutional Change in Africa 

James Busumtwi-Sam





Violeta Dima, MA (Project)

Dynamic Advocacy: Legal Mobilization and the Pursuit of Sociolegal Change in Canada

Clare McGovern

Ester Di Maio da Cunha, MA (Project)

Establishing an Effective Investment Ecosystem in Vancouver's Cleantech Cluster Anil Hira
Corinne Henderson, MA (Project) Tones, Topics, and Frames: The Role of Gender and Race in the Media Coverage of Political Candidates Eline de Rooij
Arkam Nusky, MA (Project) The Latent Factors of Money Laundering Risk: A Cross-National Study Anil Hira
Sorina Moldovan, MA (Project) Deliberation and Negotiations: An Examination of South Africa's Political Talk at the End of the Apartheid Era Genevieve Fuji Johnson

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