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Hybrid Warfare Student Competition

The Hybrid Warfare Student Competition is designed for undergraduate and graduate students from Canadian universities and professional military educational institutions who want a better understanding of the policy challenges associated with hybrid (grey zone) warfare.

Part interactive learning experience, part competitive scenario exercise, this competition allows students interested in international security to interact with mentors, judges, experts, as well as each other, while they develop valuable analytical and presentation skills.

Team 1. UBC Hybrid Warfare Center of Excellence

Introducing the UBC COE team: Sophie, Michael, Azaly, and Ashlee, who bonded during the 2023 NATO Field School Program. They spent an unforgettable summer abroad in Europe immersing themselves in the complex world of international defence and security. They hope to embark on this new challenge and advance their understanding of global security in the landscape of hybrid warfare!

Team 2. TEAM UBC

Hi Everyone! We are TEAM UBC and we are very excited to take part in this student competition. We are 5 third-year students from UBC’s IR program: Sriya Srivastava (she/her), Nana Yamamoto (she/her), Fiorella Vargas (she/her), Nuray Omirbek (she/her), and Varsha Gangadharan (she/her). We come from a variety of countries, including India, Japan, Kazakhstan and Peru. We are eager to learn more about Canadian perspectives on security and peace resolution while connecting with students of different institutions and cultural backgrounds. We look forward to meeting you!

Team 3. Her Majesty's Smurfs

The members of “Her Majesty’s Smurfs” come from diverse backgrounds, and include current and former members of the Canadian Armed Forces, as well as a member of Doctors Without Borders (MSF). They draw from a wealth of experience gained operating in complex and contentious regions including Ukraine, Iraq, and NATO's eFP in Latvia.

Team 4. Horizon for Peace

Bio pending. 

Team 5. University of Manitoba

Hailing from Winnipeg, the University of Manitoba team is comprised of political studies students Eleni Iskierski, Wes Bunn, Ivan Nunez Gamez, Ethan Boyda, Sadie Loughlin, and faculty advisor Bryce Offenberger.  With each bringing a distinct political perspective and range of experience to the competition, they are keen to explore the scenario to the fullest!

Team 6. Research Raccoons

Pranjali, Atena, Natasha, Anne and Arjun make up the Research Racoons team based out of Simon Fraser University. The students of the RR team comes from diverse backgrounds and seek to apply an intersectional and critical perspective in our approach to Hybrid Warfare and Security. 

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Pranjali is a fourth year Communications and International Studies student, currently working as a researcher and comms lead at Digital Democracies Institute. She's an incoming masters student, working on climate change communication, democratic online exchange, Internet theory, disinformation currency, propaganda wars, media studies, and scholarly work around UNCLOS. 

Atena is a political science student with a diverse educational background in science, psychology, law, and government. She is presently employed as a legal assistant, working in the immigration and refugee field. 

Natasha is a third year student in the field of international studies with a focus on international security and conflict. Her additional interests center on criminology and economics. Anne is a fifth year student and entrance scholar majoring in International Studies and minoring in Sustainable Development. Academically, her focus has been on peace, security, and human rights in the Asia-Pacific, with special interest in Southeast Asia as the region where she was born. Before applying to law school, she will be completing an internship in Thailand come Spring. 

Arjun is a fifth year International Studies student whose work has focused on human security, defense spending, and south asian politics and who is currently serving as Editor-in-chief of the Confluence Academic Journal. The team is advised by Professor Nicole Jackson of SFU's School for International Studies.

Team 7. Lions of the Dessert

Bio pending. 

Team 8. Team Maple Driven

Team Maple Driven (MD), we are a dynamic group of highly motivated individuals comprising both graduate and undergraduate students with a passion for political science. United by a common interest in understanding and navigating the complex landscape of hybrid warfare, our team includes Christian Rudorfer, Dheman Abdi, Dylaney Day, Kristin Dattoo and Viththaki Uthayakumar, all political science students in undergraduate and graduate studies. We hope to combine our diverse perspectives, academic rigor, and strategic thinking in this competition.


Bio pending.

Team 10 from Simon Fraser University

Bio pending.

Team 11 from the University of Calgary

Bio pending.

Team 12. Muslimahs

Bio pending.

Team 13. Poli 349

Bio pending.

Team 14. Dinos

Bio pending.