Undergraduate Internships

Current students

Jaimie Anderson Parliamentary Internship (Ottawa)

  • Interns will undertake a four-month (May through August) paid internship in the office of a federal Member of Parliament.
  • Open to Canadian students in any recognized undergraduate or graduate degree university program.
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The Canadian Press Summer Internship (Toronto/Montreal)

  • Interns will work with Canada's trusted news leader to gain invaluable training in journalism.
  • Open to current students and recent graduates of an undergraduate program in Canada.
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The NATO Association of Canada (Toronto)

  • Interns will publish well-researched articles that communicate the importance of global security issues in the everyday lives of Canadians. There are three internship sessions per year: January to April (winter session), May to August (summer session) and September to December (fall session).
  • Open to young Canadians between the ages of 18 and 30.
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AIESEC (Locations Vary)

  • Interns have the opportunity to learn or use skills in startups, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other community development projects.
  • The Global Talent and Global Entrepreneur programs are open to both undergraduates and graduates with some work experience.
  • Find out more about AIESEC or access the Opportunities Portal.

The Atlantic Council (Washington, DC)

  • Interns provide important research and logistical support to their respective centers. Areas researched by summer interns include: international security, regional affairs, NATO and more.
  • Open to students in their third year or beyond, with at least a 3.0 GPA. Interns must be eligible to work in the U.S.
  • Find out more about the Atlantic Council.

Embassy of Canada Internship Program (Washington, D.C.)

  • Interns will be involved in governmental affairs and develop an understanding of the Canada–U.S. bilateral relationship.
  • All applicants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents, enrolled in a program of study at a university or college in Canada or the United States.
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Saskatchewan Legislative Internship Program (Regina)

  • Interns will use their theoretical knowledge of government and parliament in a practical setting.
  • Open to third- and fourth-year students at universities across Canada, who are permanent residents of Saskatchewan.
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Recent graduates

The Canada West Foundation Jim Hume Program (Calgary)

  • Interns will conduct public policy research and engage citizens in the public policy process.
  • Open to graduates of a bachelor's degree program.
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International Youth Internship Program (Ottawa)

  • Interns gain professional experience through international development work.
  • Open to those between 19 and 30 who are post-secondary graduates.
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BC Legislative Internship Program (Victoria)

  • Interns supplement their academic training by observing the daily workings of the Legislature first-hand and by providing Members of the Legislative Assembly with additional assistance during the parliamentary session.
  • Open to recent graduates from B.C. universities or permanent residents of B.C.
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Parliamentary Internship Program (Ottawa)

  • Interns work full-time for both an opposition and government Member of Parliament. During their internship, parliamentary interns meet with senior policymakers, diplomats, journalists, scholars, politicians and leaders in civil society.
  • Open to Canadians or permanent residents of Canada who are post-secondary graduates.
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Ontario Legislative Internship Program (Toronto)

  • Interns gain practical experience with the daily workings of the Ontario Legislature.
  • Open to recent graduates who are permanent residents of Ontario.
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Municipal Internship Program (Locations Vary, Alberta)

  • Interns gain first-hand, real-life, practical experience and training in municipal government.
  • Open to recent graduates from a post-secondary degree or diploma program in any discipline.
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Alberta Public Service Policy Internship Program (Edmonton)

  • Interns work on public policy initiatives that impact Albertans, to prepare for a future career in public policy.
  • Open to recent graduates from a post-secondary institution (within the last two years) with a related degree.
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Manitoba Legislative Internship Program (Winnipeg)

  • Interns gain first-hand experience with the legislative process in the Manitoba Legislature.
  • Open to recent graduates from Manitoba universities or permanent residents of Manitoba.
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