Scholarships and Awards

At SFU, we offer a range of scholarships for our students. SFU's Registrar's Office provides information about scholarships and student loans. If you are thinking of coming to SFU for the first time, be sure to find out about entrance scholarships that are open to all new students.

Department awards

The Pauline Jewett Scholarship

Awarded at the end of every spring term to the student who has the highest CGPA among political science majors and who has surpassed 90 units during that term. To be eligible, the student must have taken at least two 200 division and at least three senior (300 or 400 division) courses in Simon Fraser University's Department of Political Science.

The Rama Reddy Scholarship

A cash prize awarded annually in the summer term to the student with the highest CGPA graduating with an honours or a major in political science.  

The Somjee Undergraduate Scholarships

Granted every year in any term, to five students who fulfill the following criteria:

  • are a third or fourth year undergraduate student enrolled full-time in either the honours, major or joint major programs in political science in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; and 

  • are in excellent academic standing.

A student can only receive the Somjee Undergraduate Scholarship in Political Science once every year. Preference will be given to students who are in their fourth year of studies.

The Margaret A. Mitchell Bursary

Awarded annually to an undergraduate female student in second, third or fourth year of studies who is majoring in political science. The award will be granted to a student holding a satisfactory academic record and demonstrated financial need. When possible, preference will be given to a candidate living in the east end of Vancouver or in Burnaby.

The Gunraj Gill Memorial Award in Political Science

Granted annually in any term to undergraduate students who meet the following criteria:

  • Are enrolled full-time in an honours, major or joint major program in the Department of Political Science;
  • Are in good academic standing; and
  • Have demonstrated history of volunteerism or activism in associations, organizations or causes related to political science.

The Michael McDonnell Memorial Award in Social Justice

Awarded annually in any term to one or more students who meet the following criteria:

  • are enrolled full-time in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in the term of the award;
  • are in good academic standing; and
  • have a demonstrated commitment to volunteerism related to social activism and justice.

External awards

FASS Travel Award

Granted annually in any term to an undergraduate student who meets the following criteria:

  • enrolled full-time in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in the term of eligibility;

  • in good academic standing; and

  • is undertaking a practicum, exchange, research or field school for the purposes of research related to their studies at SFU.

Dean’s Convocation Medals

Awarded to a graduating student from each faculty. The dean of the respective faculty will recommend a student who is from the top five percent of graduating students within that faculty. The top five percent is defined by cumulative GPA.

Gordon M. Shrum Medal

Awarded to an outstanding undergraduate student in any faculty, who has completed the requirements for a Bachelor's degree during the preceding summer, fall or spring term. The award is based on degree completion, with high academic standing, of six terms or the equivalent of 60 credit units or more at SFU, as well as participation in extra-curricular activities demonstrating outstanding qualities of character and unselfish devotion to Simon Fraser University.

Lieutenant Governor’s Silver Medal

Awarded to the undergraduate student who has maintained the highest academic standing in their coursework completed at Simon Fraser University in a certificate or post-baccalaureate diploma, and who, by participating in extracurricular activities, has shown outstanding qualities of character and unselfish devotion to the community.

Robert C. Brown Award

Awarded to a student in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences who has completed a minimum of 60 units at Simon Fraser University. The recipient will have demonstrated a combination of outstanding academic achievement and outstanding performance or leadership in another endeavour at Simon Fraser University.

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