Career Development

A political science degree gives you the training you need to succeed in a number of exciting industries. Our alumni work in a wide variety of careers including law, policy analysis, consulting, government lobbying, data analytics, journalism, non-profit organizations, business administration and all levels of government.

Our curriculum focuses on developing skills in today’s (and tomorrow’s) labour market: critical thinking, research, data analysis, writing and evidence-based decision-making. In addition to career success, our students graduate as engaged citizens who are involved in conversations and actions that better our society.

Political science graduates are efficient and critical readers who can distill and synthesize complex information. They are also clear and concise writers who can convey important findings and messages to a diverse audience. Upper-division courses in the discipline provide many opportunities for public speaking and discussion, as oral communication skills are essential for nearly all relevant careers.  

To assist you in making career choices, we also participate in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences co-operative education program.

We encourage all our students to speak to a Career Advisor for individualized advice and information. Visit the Career Services website to make an appointment.


If you are unsure about your career path after graduation, the Co-Op Program can help you figure out where your path may lead. At the same time, co-op can also prepare you for the career you have been dreaming about for years. After carrying out an internal study, SFU discovered that 94% of co-op students found it easier to acquire work post-graduation

You also have the option of taking a co-op opportunity abroad. By living and working in another country, you open post-graduation career opportunities in the wider world and/or can bring in-demand knowledge and skills back to Canada.

If you are interested in co-op, the first step is to check your eligibility. Contact the Undergraduate Advisor if you have further questions.

Boost your confidence and employability with co-op!


There are a number of internship opportunities for current and past political science students. These short-term opportunities can supplement your degree with first-hand experience.

Internships can take place during or after your degree. See our Internship database for all current opportunities!

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