Our faculty members regularly produce world-class research in various political science sub-disciplines.   

Feminist Mobilization

This research group, headed by Professor Laurel Weldon, looks to discover the link between feminist mobilization and women’s economic empowerment on a global scale.

Canadian University Diversity Scan

Professor Genevieve Fuji-Johnson and SFU MA student Robert Howsam found that the senior administrative leadership pipeline at Canadian universities is leaky for racialized minorities. 

The Governance of Migration

These SSHRC-funded research projects, led by Professor Aude-Claire Fourot, compare cities, local actors, and the governance of migration.

Clean Energy Research Group

Led by Professor Anil Hira, CERG is dedicated to studying the challenges and opportunities for the global transition from fossil fuels to renewable, clean energy systems.

Digital Diplomacy

The goal of this SSHRC-funded research project is to examine how 21st-century communication technologies transform diplomacy. Professor Jérémie Cornut comparatively analyzes the impact of new technologies, such as WhatsApp and Twitter, on diplomacy in Canada and elsewhere.