Diplomacy, Defense & Development

The Diplomacy, Defense and Development track examines how state and non-state actors interact in the global arena in political, economic and security areas. It also examines the increasing interconnectedness between domestic and international affairs. 

You will study how states and international organizations deal with conflict, trade, development and emerging global issues. Key themes in this track are: foreign and development policy, international law and organization, democracy-building, economic policy and development.

Recommended Courses:

Lower Division Courses:

  • POL 131, POL 132, POL 141

Upper Division (300-level) Courses:

  • POL 342, POL 343, POL 344, POL 346, POL 347, POL 348, POL 373, POL 374

Upper Division (400-level) Courses:

  • POL 434WQ, POL 443, POL 445W, POL 446W, POL 447, POL 472, POL 484

Potential Careers:

  • Diplomacy 
  • Foreign Service
  • Intergovernmental Organizations
  • Military 
  • Security and Intelligence
  • International Organizations 
  • Journalism