Get Involved

Get Involved

Get Involved

There's more to the university experience than the classroom. SFU offers various opportunities to get involved in our community, build a social and professional network, and discover your passions and strengths. Here are just a couple of ways to get involved while getting your political science degree.


SFU offers on-campus volunteer opportunities, leadership workshops, events and more.

You can also volunteer with off-campus organizations. Your first stop for opportunities is myExperience; SFU's own posting site of career, co-op and volunteer positions from outside organizations.  

Make sure to check out international volunteer opportunities as well, with organizations like NGOabroad and AIESEC.

Clubs and societies

SFU Clubs, societies or campus chapters of organizations are not only a great way to meet people, but can also help you develop your leadership potential.

Clubs relating closely with areas studied in Political Science include:

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