Smoking in the Workplace


SFU is dedicated to promoting healthy campuses. The health risks associated with smoking and secondhand smoke are well-documented. 


  • Smoking is prohibited within 10 metres of any building. 
  • On the Burnaby Campus, this includes Convocation Mall and the surrounding walkways, all courtyards, indoor parking lots, transit shelters, and anywhere else within 10 metres of a building. 
  • Tobacco sales and advertising are banned on all SFU campuses.
  • Cigarettes must be extinguished and disposed of in designated receptacles such as ash urns.

Where is it allowed to smoke?

Some provisions have been made to accommodate smokers outside the 10 metre buffer zone.
This map  indicates the location of ash urns and smoking pavillions (shelters from rain and snow) where smoking is allowed. The grey, stainless steel ash urns have been bolted in place to effectively communicate the smoking locations.

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Why isn’t all SFU smoke-free?

Although the negative effects of tobacco use are well known, some individuals continue to smoke and smoking remains a legal activity.  Areas have been identified where smoking may continue without smokers having to leave Burnaby Mountain.  However, SFU Surrey and SFU Vancouver are effectively no smoking campuses.

If you're a smoker and want to quit

Quitting smoking can be difficult. Do you have friends that also want to quit?  Why not support each other and quit together, or join a support group.   Different methods work for different people. Take a look at your options, talk with your physician, and decide what works best for you!

UniverCity and Residence

Residences have long been smoke-free and  the 10 metre, smoke-free zone around Residence buildings applies. However, the 10 metre zone, and sales and advertising restrictions do not apply to UniverCity lands and businesses (e.g., the Cornerstone Building). On UniverCity lands smoking is prohibited within 3 metre of doors and windows and 10 meters of air intakes.

How will these restrictions be monitored?

This is our campus and we all need to do our part to communicate the restrictions. Education is preferred over enforcement. Members of the community who see people continuing to smoke in non-smoking areas are encouraged to provide information about the designated smoking zones and this web site. Campus Security staff will also monitor the non-smoking zones and provide education.

Who is responsible for the regulation changes?

The Province of British Columbia has made changes to regulations within the Tobacco Control Act. Most of the changes outlined above mirror changes in provincial regulations. However, consultations on an earlier draft of the University Policy GP 16 (Advertising, Selling and Smoking Tobacco On-Campus) lead to revisions to expand the no smoking zones from 3 metres to 10 metres from all buildings. This change also provides a single simple criterion by which anyone can identify what areas are no smoking and where smoking continues to be allowed.


Each summer the combination of dry summer weather and the improper disposal of cigarettes cause bark mulch and grass fires at the Burnaby campus.

If you do smoke, ensure that your cigarette is extinguished and disposed of properly in designated ash trays or ash urns.


In case of a fire, call Campus Security immediately at 778-782-4500.

  • Stay on the line with the dispatcher and provide the location and size of the fire.
  • Keep a safe distance away from the fire and alert others.
  • Await the arrival of Campus Security responders.

Visit our fire response procedures page for more information.