Mass Evacuation - Burnaby Campus


Mass evacuation is the temporary and rapid removal of all individuals within a campus.  Environmental and physical hazards in the vicinity of the Burnaby campus that could result in a mass evacuation include:

  • Neighouring industrial incidents
  • Significant impact to air quality inclusive of hazardous material release (chemical, biological, or other hazardous substances in solid, liquid, or gaseous form)
  • Forest fires
  • Earthquakes
  • Intentional acts
  • Other hazards which constitute a health or safety risk should the campus not evacuate


Step 1: Building evacuation

  • Evacuate the building if alarm sound or when instructed to do so by emergency/safety personnel
  • Exit the building via the nearest safe exit
  • Close doors behind you
  • Gather in your building assembly area
  • Do not re-enter the building until permitted to do so by emergency/safety personnel

Step 2: Campus evacuation

  • DO NOT self-evacuate to the mass assembly areas. The selection of which mass assembly area is used during the campus mass evacuation is dependent on the type and location of the hazard
  • Once instructed by emergency responders, move from your building assembly area to a mass assembly area
  • Follow instructions from emergency responders for safe evacuation off-campus

During an incident, always follow the directions of wardens, building evacuation coordinators, security, and/or first responders.