Welcome to the Department of Campus Public Safety,

Campus Public Safety (CPS) is an operational service and strategic support department. CPS is the university’s public safety, security and asset protection entity created by the university in support of the university’s mission to engage students, research and the community and its broader role to provide a safe and secure place for students, faculty and staff. To view our full Mandate, click here.

Who we are

CPS team members are a diverse group of employees who come from varying cultures and experiences. Required training and certifications include: Mental Health First Aid (Canada) certification, Crisis Response and more.

Our team works across the university to help maintain a safe and supportive environment at all three main SFU Campuses. We work collaboratively with a wide range of SFU Departments and outside emergency response agencies to respond to fire, medical, and criminal incidents, campus-wide emergencies, crime prevention and education, safety escorts, and SFU Community member requests for assistance

In support of community safety CPS provides safety training and consultation for university community members and several volunteer/employment opportunities for students.

Quick introduction & overview

Personal safety on campus is a complex topic, and one which CPS takes a leading role across all three campuses. Here is a quick overview on CPS and the diversity of services it provides.

24/7 Security, 365 days a year

CPS maintains a 24/7 Security Operations Centre which provides emergency response coordination, dispatch communications, access control, and alarm and camera monitoring. We are responsible for maintaining Physical Security needs across the university (locks, alarms, cameras), as well as a Traffic Safety Program (traffic monitoring, emergency response and notification, outside traffic and transit agency coordination and education).

For an Emergency on campus, dial 911.

Urgent assistance is available 24/7 at each of our campuses

Campus Security

Emergency Line
(Urgent security/ First aid)
Non-emergency Line
(Security/ Safe Walk)

(Burnaby, Surrey, and Vancouver campuses)

Safety throughout our university community and across all our campuses is a shared responsibility. We encourage everyone to take an active role by sharing observations in a timely manner on unsafe conditions or behaviours. If you need to report a safety or security incident, we are here 24/7 to take your call.

If you wish to provide any feedback regarding CPS, please contact Andrea Ringrose, our Acting Senior Director of Campus Public Safety, at andrea_ringrose@sfu.ca