Access control FAQ

Can someone else pick up or drop off my key?

Yes, however we do require prior notification. Please email us from your SFU email account with your name, SFU ID number and the name of the person authorized to pick up your key. 
send to access_control@sfu.caVancouver send to

Note: The person picking up a key may be required to pay deposits/service charges. Deposits will only be returned to the key holder on record unless proper notification has been received by the issuing office. For department paid deposits or items with no deposits, anyone may drop off the key/card to the issuing office.

What if I forget to bring my office keys to campus?

Always attempt to contact your department to open your office area for you. 

  • Burnaby: if you aren’t able to obtain access, call the non-emergency line at 778.782.3100.
  • Vancouver: visit the facilities services office in Harbour Centre.

You will require valid picture identification and proof of office ownership.

What if I lose my key or access card?

  • Burnaby - Contact Security at 778.782.7991 and notify the access control office at immediately. To replace a card, students can visit the access control office in person at Discovery 1, room 1300 (replacement fee applies) / staff & faculty can attend once their department requests a replacement. To replace a key, the authorized departmental representative will need to submit a replacement form. Processing time is 2 days.
  • Surrey - Notify Surrey Facilities at: 778.782.7495. Cards can be deactivated to prevent unauthorized usage. There a $25.00 charge per replacement card.
  • Vancouver – Contact Security at 778.782.7991 and email Facilities services at

My fob/card has stopped working, what do I do? 

Notify your departmental signing authority and have them email us at: We will then update the fob/card remotely.

When do I return my key and/or fob/card?

  • Staff and faculty: As per, Policy AD 1.04, room keys must be returned as soon as they are no longer needed and should not be passed on. Consult your department if the key was originally issued internally.
    For your access fob/card you can hold on to this until you are no longer with SFU at the Burnaby or Surrey campus. You can use the same card at SFU even if you change departments.
  • Students, visitors and contractors: As per, Policy AD 1.04, your room keys must be returned as soon as they are no longer needed and should not be passed on. For access fobs/cards, if received after April 1st 2017, fobs are sold for a $20 non-refundable fee and are not required to be returned.  If received before April 1st 2017, please return the fob to our office to receive your deposit.

Can I have somebody else return my key/fob

Yes - please complete the 3rd Party Return form and follow the directions contained within it. The person returning must immediately return the key/fob to the issuing office and not use the key/fob.

I'm an employee and retiring, can my key/fob be transferred to my replacement? 

If you do not have any outstanding deposits and the key code and serial number can be read, your departmental Access Control Signing Authority may submit the Key/Fob Exchange form

I'm unable to attend during normal working hours to drop off my key/fob, what can I do?

To help address an increasing number of requests for key and fob holders to return keys/fobs after hours, we have installed a secure drop box located to the right of our office window in Discovery 1 room 1300. Fill out the provided envelope, place the key/fob inside, seal and deposit in the drop box. Please note that you remain responsible for the key/fob until it has been received and processed by Access Control staff.

How can I restrict access to a space beyond default?

Deans, Chairs, Directors and/or Departmental Managers may request that specific department areas be keyed to exclude access by means of the janitorial staff service key. In such cases, a brief written explanation for why the exclusion is necessary should be forwarded to the Responsible Officer for the campus.

If the proposed exclusion affects access by Facilities Services, or if a Dean, Chair, Director and/or Departmental Manager wishes to have an area excluded from a University Sub-Master used by Facilities Services personnel, then the justification in writing must be forwarded to the appropriate Responsible Officer. The Responsible Officer will then consult with Campus Public Safety, Facilities Management and others as needed prior to approval.  Substantiation such as hazards, federal regulation or other driving force must be provided. More details can be found on the Area Exclusion Request - completed forms should be submitted to Physical Security Solutions for processing.

Information for holders

For more information review the SFU Policy, Control of Keys and Access Cards Policy AD 1.04.

  • Items should be picked up within 30 days of being processed.
  • We hold the key requisition for the current semester, until week 3 of the following semester.  
  • A person may have only one key per door.
  • A cardholder is limited to one active access card.
  • Keys/cards/fobs are for use by the authorized issuant only. Lending or borrowing an access card/fob may result in retraction of access privileges.
  • Keys/cards/fobs are property of SFU, and can be confiscated or deactivated by Campus Public Safety if deemed necessary.
  • The keys, cards, and fobs must be returned to the issuing office.
  • Cards that don’t work due to normal wear and tear are replaced by Access Control at no cost to the cardholder. Cards that are lost or damaged are replaced at the cardholders’ expense.
  • Cards for general departmental use require approval by Campus Public Safety.
  • Lost/stolen keys/keys/cards/fobs must be reported immediately.