Persons in distress

At times, you’ve probably noticed students or other campus community members who seem to be in distress. You may have worried about them and hoped they’re getting the help they need — but not known whether you can or should do anything about it.

Your observations and actions can help connect individuals to the many available resources at SFU. Together we can build a more supportive campus community.

In an emergency

If an individual exhibits behaviour that poses an immediate threat to themselves or others:

  • Call 911
  • Call Campus Public Safety 778.782.4500

Take seriously any reference to attempting suicide, regardless of the context. Consult Campus Public Safety or Health & Counselling Services immediately. 

Please review this Supporting Students in Distress Response Guide for more information. This guide is intended to help you identify, and potentially assist, students in distress.

Campus public safety

Campus public safety (CPS) staff provide immediate response, support and assessment of the situation. CPS may offer advice, coordinate with appropriate SFU campus or external resources, or engage 911 if emergency services are required.

Other support services