Campus UAV and drone flights

The Transport Canada website notes the legal requirements to fly a UAV/drone, safety tips, penalties, first time pilot advice and terminology. Canadian law mandates these requirements, and your compliance is required in order to fly a drone on SFU property.

Note non-SFU parties or entities requesting to operate a UAV or drone on SFU property first must obtain permission from an SFU sponsor or representative for any work on campus.

Only pilots registered with Transport Canada are permitted to operate UAVs/drones on SFU property. 

Requirements for Traffic Safety review

All parties should email the following information 5 to 10 business days prior to planned flight:
- Date of flight

- Purpose of flight (research, photography, etc.)

- Time frame (e.g., 11am to 2pm)

- Location/flight area (provide an aerial map with area shaded - sample)

- Weight of the UAV, registration number, make and model

- Provide name, phone number, email address of SFU contact or sponsor for the requested flight

- Advise if the UAV/Drone is equipped with equipment for taking photos, video or if filming is planned

- Copy of the operator's pilot certificate

Non-SFU parties are required to provide a Certificate of Insurance evidencing drone liability insurance. This can be emailed to

Flights for SFU students, researchers and staff

Review the Risk Management website to complete a pre-flight form and review specific considerations regarding SFU owned and operated drones.

Filming at SFU

Contact Meetings, Event and Conference Services to arrange for permission to film on SFU property.

Usage of SFU Photos and Video for Promotional Purposes

Contact SFU Marketing and Brand Management -