Student Safety Engagement Program

The Student Safety Engagement Program (SSEP) is a student-run volunteer program that provides experience in the fields of safety and security. The program mission is to build an enthusiastic team of student volunteers to facilitate a safe and secure academic environment in partnership with SRS, while providing a meaningful volunteer experience that promotes leadership and allows students to gain transferable skills.

Volunteer opportunities are available at each of the Burnaby, Surrey and Vancouver campuses and the program allows for flexible scheduling to accommodate classes.


  • Current SFU student in good academic standing (min. GPA 2.0)
  • A minimum of one semester participation


Volunteer opportunities

Community presence

Volunteers target high traffic areas where community members may require information, guidance or assistance in contacting campus security personnel.

Speed watch

Speed watch shifts encourage and promote safe driving at SFU by monitoring and recording speeding at high vehicle traffic areas on the Burnaby campus.

Auto theft prevention

Auto theft shifts target parking lots that are susceptible to high accounts of theft. This shift educates community members on ways to reduce incidences of vehicle theft.

Safety audits

SSEP conducted safety audits are designed to be supplemental to proactive safety activities conducted by SFU safety committees. During audits, SSEP personnel follow the safety checklist and look for potential hazards that could pose a danger to anyone on campus.

Theft prevention

Theft prevention shifts target areas that are susceptible to or have high accounts of theft. Volunteers hand out theft prevention slips, engage in conversations with owners of unattended items, create presentations for booth sessions and more.

Lost & found / Information centre

The SSEP is responsible for collecting, documenting and storing lost and found items at SFU Burnaby, as well as for assisting at the campus information centre. Volunteers learn database skills and develop customer service skills.

Meet the team

Shazain Rehman
Program Supervisor

Email: sfucsp@sfu.ca


Shayan Rehman
Team Leader

Email: ssepbur@sfu.ca