Drugs & alcohol

Drugs and alcohol can be dangerous and it is important to learn about responsible use and legal consequences before consumption. Overdoses, injuries and accidents may occur with harmful consequences and symptoms should be managed by a physician.

In an emergency:

  • Call 911.
  • If you are on an SFU campus, also call Campus Security: 778-782-4500.

On Burnaby campus, the 24/7 Security staff can often respond faster than 911 responders due to the campus location.

In case of opioid overdose, Campus Security can administer Narcan® spray.

Learn before you use:

Visit Health & Counselling's drugs & alcohol page for resources concerning alcohol, cannabis, tobacco and other drug use.

Are you struggling with addiction or dependency?

If you are concerned about your own alcohol or drug use or that of someone you care about contact SFU Health and Counselling Services for advice and support.

As well, you can find in-person help through their free counselling services.