Radiation safety

The SFU Radiation Safety program facilitates the safe and informed use of radiation sources and devices in research, teaching and the environment. The program is dedicated to safe management of ionizing radiation.

Compliance & oversight

Regulations & guidelines

The use of radioactive materials or equipment generating ionizing radiation is federally regulated by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), and provincially by WorkSafeBC. The CNSC issues a consolidated radioisotope license for SFU which specifies conditions of use for prescribed substances.

Compliance with license conditions, policies, procedures, and regulations are monitored through inspections by Radiation Safety staff and the Compliance Division at CNSC and WorkSafeBC.

Radiation Safety Policy

SFU’s Radiological Safety Policy R20.04 establishes terms of reference, policies and procedures concerning the safe receiving, storage, handling and disposal of Radiological Materials in accordance to all relevant standards. The policy also defines how Radiation Safety staff works in conjunction with the University Radiation Safety Committee to ensure the safe and legal acquisition, handling and disposal of radioactive material.

University Radiation Safety Committee    

The University Radiation Safety Committee, as outlined by the CNSC, acts to oversee and audit the Radiation Safety program. The committee is comprised of researchers with expertise and interest in the use of radiation.