Radiation safety

The SFU Radiation Safety program facilitates the safe and informed use of radiation sources and devices in research, teaching and the environment. The program is dedicated to safe management of radiation.


Radioisotope in-house permits are required when working with radioactive materials. Complete the radioisotope permit application for all renewals and amendments. Email the application to the Radiation Safety Officer at rso-info@sfu.ca.

Please note that requested radioisotopes and  the allowable  possession limits are assessed by the Radiation Safety staff in order to ensure  compliance  with SFU's consolidated  license.

Terms of your permit include:

  • Radioisotopes & possession limits
  • Sealed & unsealed sources
  • Authorized users
  • Rooms where isotopes are used and stored

Permit termination:

When a permit holder is no longer using radioactive material or moves away from SFU, their permit must be terminated. To end a permit, permit holders must:

  • Notify the Radiation Safety Officer in writing, email: rso-info@sfu.ca
  • Provide a complete set of wipe tests for the spaces listed on the permit 
  • Complete the lab decommissioning process
  • Complete the annual inventory
  • Transfer radioisotopes and waste to the Hot Lab

How to become an authorized user:

To be added to a permit as an authorized user, you must have completed SFU Radiation Safety Training. Please retain your certificate as proof for your training record.

Radioactive lab set-up and decommissioning: