Financial Aid and Awards

"Drop-In" Financial Advising by phone

Finanical Aid and Awards has transitioned to no in-person contact in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19, effective Wednesday, March 18, 2020. Our offices will not be open to meet with students during this time.

If you require student financial assistance, you can reach us by phone by calling: 778-782-6930, Monday through Friday, 9:30am - 3:30pm.  You can also reach us by email at

Students submitting student financial assistance applications for StudentAid BC, Part-Time Assistance, or from other Canadian provinces are reminded that applications for the current term can be submitted up until six weeks prior (by July 15th) to the end of the current study period (Summer term ends August 31, 2020).

Note: To know more about student support available to you, due to COVID-19, please visit the COVID-19 Student Support FAQ. You will find further information related to financial concerns you may be experiencing at this time, and you will learn more about how the new Pass/Fail grading policies and late withdrawals would impact any financial aid and awards funding administered by this office.

Part-Time Studies Applications

We have received confirmation from StudentAid BC that we are able to temporarily receive Part-Time Studies applications by email (  Please visit BC Residents (Part-Time) for instructions on how to complete and submit your application to us.

Please do not include your SIN number on the Part-Time Studies application for security reasons.  You may instead enter 999-999-999 in order to save the file. Your SIN number can be updated on your goSFU account under Personal Information, which will allow us to process the application with StudentAid BC.

Aboriginal Emergency Assistance Program

For students seeking funding through the Aboriginal Emergency Assistance program, please connect with a member of the administrative staff in the Indigenous Student Centre for further details on eligibility requirements and how to apply.

Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB)

The Government of Canada also announced a new Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB) that will provide financial support to post-secondary students and recent graduates who are unable to find work because of COVID-19. Please refer to the Government of Canada website for further information. CESB Eligible students will receive $1,250 a month, with an additional $500 a month for students with disabilities or students with dependents, for a total of $1,750. The CESB will be administered by the Canada Revenue Agency and students can apply monthly from May to August 2020. This benefit will require Parliamentary approval before the application will launch. During this time, you are encouraged to set-up a My CRA account and register for direct deposit to ensure a smooth enrollment process and a timely disbursement of the benefit.

Announced changes to the Canada Student Loan and Grant programs will take place for the 2020/2021 academic year and we expect more information to be available later in the summer. Please refer to your home province’s student financial assistance program for updates.

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Current deadlines

Summer 2020

Application Period

Award Type


March 9 – March 27, 2020 Work-Study
Week of April 13, 2020
May 4 – May 22, 2020
Week of June 29, 2020
May 4 – May 22, 2020 Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards
Week of June 15, 2020
varies Entrance Scholarships and Awards
Notification: varies
Payment: Week of May 18, 2020


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