Financial Aid and Awards

Bursary Applications

Bursaries are a supplemental source of funding for students with demonstrated financial need; available to Canadian and International students.  Please visit Undergraduate Bursaries or Graduate Bursaries for more information.  

Part-Time Studies Applications

We have received confirmation from StudentAid BC that we are able to temporarily receive Part-Time Studies applications by email.  Please visit BC Residents (Part-Time) for instructions on how to complete and submit your application to us.

BC Provincial Scholarship Voucher Questions

You can learn how to submit your BC Provincial Scholarship Voucher to SFU by visiting the Provincial Scholarships Program for more information on how to use your scholarship voucher.

COVID-19 Support

To know more about student support available to you, due to COVID-19, please visit the COVID-19 Student Support FAQ. You will find further information related to financial concerns you may be experiencing at this time, and you will learn more about how the new grading policies (Elective Grade System) and late withdrawals would impact any financial aid and awards funding administered by this office.

Learn everything you need to know about Entrance Scholarships, Entrance Awards, and Entrance Bursaries.
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See the Scholarships, Awards, Bursaries, Work-Study program, and Loans available to Undergraduate students.
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See the Scholarships and Awards, Bursaries, Work-Study program, and Loans available to Graduate students.
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Review Financial Aid options for US Students specifically.
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Review Financial Aid options for all International Students.
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Current deadlines

Summer 2022

Application Period

Award Type


March 7 – March 25, 2022 Work-Study
Week of April 11, 2022
May 2 – May 20, 2022
Week of June 27, 2022
May 2 – May 20, 2022 Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards
Week of June 27, 2022
varies Entrance Scholarships and Awards
Notification: varies
Payment: Week of May 16, 2022