Surrey Faces


Surrey Faces is a photo installation that honours the interconnectivity of individuals and their environments.

Our vision is to engage our neighbourhoods of Whalley and Surrey Centre and create and install large-scale portraits printed on plexi-glass material. The plexi portraits will be accompanied by narratives of each individual that will be shared online. The narratives will be printed in English and in the subject’s mother language. QR codes will be placed on the printed portraits to enable people to easily access the subject’s story online.

Our plan is to showcase our neighbourhood’s diversity and strength through beautiful portraiture and storytelling. We will photograph 10 individuals from 10 different cultural backgrounds within our neighbourhood of Whalley/Surrey Central who represent the strength and compassion that is central to our community. We will then share the stories of those individuals online and create a custom hashtag to allow the public to connect to those stories.

2017 Surrey Engagement Award Winner