Ears That Listen, Hands That Help

Team members: Ida Niksirat (Health Sciences, SFU), Anahita Niksirat (Psychology, UBC), Diana Munir (English and Communications, SFU)

The role that education plays in our society is one of incredible power. Knowledge shapes the decisions we make, and how we view the world. As post-secondary students, we are privileged enough to receive a comprehensive education that will empower us to become leaders in our communities. However, education is not limited to any one subject matter, and the social education we receive on a day-to-day basis is just as impactful and empowering as the academic one. 

The homelessness crisis happening in our communities is a powerful lesson about the gaps in our society and who ends up falling through those gaps. It is important that everyone, regardless of their background, is educated on the realities and myths surrounding the homelessness crisis. Alongside this awareness, everyone deserves to learn how they themselves can help to make meaningful change in their communities. We've created a comprehensive, day-long crash course on how to make aid kits for the homeless population, which we will be sharing with elementary and high school students. 

Working with our knowledge partners at the Society to End Homelessness in Burnaby, we will be teaching elementary and high school students about the homelessness crisis. Myth-busting, fact sharing, and interactive games will help bring awareness of the crisis to the youngest members of our community. Together, students will use their knowledge to make aid kits that will be donated back to their communities, and they will keep that knowledge with them as they go forward in life as the next generation of leaders.