True Colours

Team members: Shemaiah Chiu (SFU), Angelica Valdez (SFU) and Vivian Wong (SFU)

Who we are

The answer for any child to fully recover from psychological scars and physical injuries isn't just medicine and tests, but in fact, it involves the power of love our community brings. Every day, children are adapting to their medical conditions alongside many treatments which can be stressful, scary, and isolating. As a team, we believe that every child should have the right to just be a kid and have fun! With this vision, True Colours, a sticker project, aims to provide a new creative platform for young children in health institutions to freely express themselves and share their journey by designing their own stickers. We chose the form of a sticker because of the endless possibilities each child can create. They’ll be able to trade stickers with friends or place it somewhere to bring happiness to others. As each child has their own story, each sticker will be unique in their own ways! Over the 8-week program, our goal is to spark new discoveries and support the children by empowering and letting them know that they can achieve anything they set their mind to and shouldn’t be afraid to embrace who they are. In the program, each child will have the opportunity to collaborate with other kids and volunteers to learn various methods of design, make new friendships, and leave the program with a handmade sticker to share with others!

2019-20 Community Engagement Award winner