Fatima Aziz

The Process of Political Activism

Team members: Fatima Aziz (Applied Legal Studies, SFU)

Currently the Muslim community does not have a local network of legal professionals to advocate on their behalf in response to the rise of Islamophobia. Visibly Muslim people – Muslim women, in particular – are being targeted online, in the workplace, and when they are in the community at large. There isn’t much recourse because the police or public safety officials aren’t engaging in preventative measures.

This award will facilitate the engagement of the Muslim community alongside community stakeholders, like public safety officials and policy makers. We will set up a 2-day workshop that will include: an informational session with legal professionals, public safety officials and policy makers to share insight on what courses of action the Muslim community has when they are faced with Islamophobia, as well as public engagement and community dialogue to mobilize the Muslim community at large. We hope this might lead to the development of an advocacy group that will engage with policy makers and inspire the creation of legislation to combat the rise of Islamophobia.

Community Partners: