Emily Hinrichs (Community Capacity Building, SFU)

Rooted In

Team members: Emily Hinrichs (Community Capacity Building, SFU)

Rooted In aims to develop a community-based practice that nurtures opportunities for self-reflection and community-building through artistic explorations, nature excursions and emotional learning, with ancient spiritual practices as our anchors. It’s an opportunity to connect through nature and art.

The goal of Rooted In is to explore our own personal medicine through interconnectedness with nature and self-reflection through art, while being guided by the lessons of local plants.  Weekly sessions will feature a different local plant to support the exploration of resilience, interdependence, unlearning perfectionism, and radical self-love. By working with local Indigenous knowledge keepers of plant medicine and land stewardship, we will cultivate a deeper sense of belonging to land and place.

Participants will gain self-acceptance, love for land and place, and knowledge of Indigenous plants and their properties. And they will leave with a deeper understanding of their connection to land, the personal medicine they possess, ways to protect it, and how to share themselves authentically.

We hope Rooted In will contribute to community resilience against oppression and hatred through art, nature, and self, and that it will help build solidarity with Indigenous communities and land defenders. Because positive connections to land contribute to stronger, more resilient communities.

Community Partners:

  • École Peace Arch PAC

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