Math Walks

Team members: Daniel Minoru Higa Reyes (SFU Economics), Kelly Jennifer Davila Vargas (UBC)

We usually think about numbers, symbols, and formulas when we think about mathematics. Why do we not think about places, stories, nature, community? It seems that we have forgotten that mathematics is part of humanity. How can we promote connections between math and our lives?

One possible answer is to do "Math Walks." Walking and being attentive to observe the world through mathematics lenses is a practice that allows us to remember that math is all around us and not just in textbooks. The natural and built worlds offer us an endless supply of patterns, shapes, quantities, data, and other attributes that prompt mathematical thinking. Through Math Walks, we not only have the chance to analyze examples where mathematical principles have left their mark, but we can also spark ecological imagination. We believe that through outdoor experiences, people can develop a sense of place. It is that sense of place that can help people to reimagine their relationship with their world.

We want to implement the math walks in two cities: Vancouver and Surrey. Both cities offer us large and geographically diverse outdoors settings to implement the math walks.

Community partners:

Mount Pleasant Neighborhood House