We Are The World: Stories of Resilience


A co-created magazine to showcase seniors' stories of resilience locally and from around the world.

Currently, seniors are facing more barriers than ever. In addition to tackling health issues, areas like Burnaby are gentrifying and the impact of having ‘homes smashed’ is taking a toll on their health. Language barriers and a lack of cultural awareness are also experienced in a multi-cultural community like Burnaby. The media also continues to portray seniors based on their biomedical needs, which further labels them as a burden to society. Our idea would work to address the negative impacts these barriers have on the health and well-being of seniors by helping focus on the positive aspects of their lives.

The purpose of the magazine is to share stories of resilience from all around the world and to promote community participation, mobilization and cultural competency. We Are the World is the title of this magazine as it acknowledges that communities are stronger when they are united in vision and action.

2017 Burnaby Grand Award Winner