Study Leave

46.1 The purpose of Study Leave is to provide Members with an extended period of time to engage in scholarship or complete a project or course of study that will enhance and increase their knowledge and expertise so as to enhance their professional abilities.

Written application for study leave must be submitted according to the following dates:


Submit to Chair, Director,

or other appropriate

University Administrator by:

Dean must submit to VPA by: Start of Study Leave
October 1st November 1st September 1st
February 1st March 1st January 1st
June 1st July 1st May 1st



Study Leave Application  Last update Dec 7/18

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R 10.03 Study Leave Research Grant

Collective Agreement Article:

Article 46: Study Leave for Bargaining Unit Members


Start by contacting your Department Chair/School Director, or your Dean for questions of accrual and study leave planning.