Types of Appointments and Processes

Referee/Reference Letters  - Authentication for Appointments and Renewal Tenure and Promotion (RTP) Process

  • Original signed Reference or Referee letters are preferred, but not necessary to proceed with the appointments of faculty at SFU and for RTP review.
  • The obligation to determine the authenticity of the referee/reference and their signature is now the responsibility of the Dean, and/or Chair/Director.  
  • If the Dean and/or Chair/Director are satisfied that the referee/reference letter is from the "referee"/"reference", even if the signature is electronic, then the letter will be acceptable to us for RTP reviews, Chair and Professor appointments and renewals, and appointments to university positions.
  • The exception will be for Canada Research Chairs and LEEF appointments and renewals, where original, signed letters will still be required.

Research Grants on Appointment

Faculty Recruitment Grant

New Faculty Start Up Grant


Contact the Faculty Relations Advisor handling inquiries for your Faculty. 

Contact the Postdoctoral Fellow Coordinator handling inquiries for your Postdoctoral Fellows.