Types of Appointments and Processes

President-concluded Vice-President-concluded Dean-concluded
Tenure-Track Faculty Associate Chair/Director Acting Chair/Director
Canada Research Chairs Faculty Teaching Fellows Other Academic-
Administrative Appointments
Chair/Director Librarian/Archivist Faculty Overload Teaching Contracts
Grant Tenure Practitioner Faculty Term Faculty
Modified Appointments Teaching Faculty Term Librarian/Archivist Faculty
University Professorships   University Research Associates
    Visiting Faculty 

Referee/Reference Letters  - Authentication for Appointments and Renewal Tenure and Promotion (RTP) Process

  • Original signed Reference or Referee letters are preferred, but not necessary to proceed with the appointments of faculty at SFU and for RTP review.
  • The obligation to determine the authenticity of the referee/reference and their signature is now the responsibility of the Dean, and/or Chair/Director.  
  • If the Dean and/or Chair/Director are satisfied that the referee/reference letter is from the "referee"/"reference", even if the signature is electronic, then the letter will be acceptable to us for RTP reviews, Chair and Professor appointments and renewals, and appointments to university positions.
  • The exception will be for Canada Research Chairs and LEEF appointments and renewals, where originally signed letters will still be required.