42.47 In exceptional cases, Members may be nominated for Chairs (including Canada Research Chairs and other special Chairs), Fellowships, or Professorships. Such awards may include salary supplements and/or research support.

42.48 The Vice-President, Academic will review nominations for these positions and will make recommendations to the President regarding appointment.

42.49 Upon appointment, the Vice-President, Academic will notify the Association of the appointment, setting out the term of the appointment and any salary supplement or research support provided.

42.50 The salary supplement and/or research grants provided will end upon conclusion of the appointment as University Chair/Fellow/Professorship at which time the Member's salary will revert to the academic salary level without the supplement.

42.51 The appointment as University Chair/Fellow will not continue when the Member leaves their academic position at Simon Fraser University.

Research Chairs - Listing and Information

Collective Agreement Article:

Article 42: Salary (sections 42.47 to 42.51)

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