Professional Development Reimbursement

October 21, 2021

2021 PDR Claim Deadline: 

Claims are Online Only and due Friday, December 17, 2021.

Claims can only include 2020 and 2021 expenses.

Checking your Professional Development Reimbursement (PDR) Entitlement and Balance

SFU faculty members can find their professional development reimbursement (PDR) balance by going to My SFU. After logging in, click on "Professional Development Expenses" under "Staff Resources". You will find your balance at the bottom of the page, showing the debits and credits to your PDR account.

Leaving SFU and Option to Purchase or Return Goods Purchased through PDR

Article 43.58 states: “As non-taxable benefits, all goods purchased through the Professional Development Expense Account remain the property of the University. After three calendar years from the date of purchase, the Member has the option of purchasing these items from the University at fair market value. If the Member retires, resigns, or is terminated as an employee of the University prior to the expiration of this three-year period, the Member will have the option of purchasing these items from the University at fair market value as at the date of such retirement or termination of employment.”

When you leave the university (retirement/resignation/limited-term SFUFA contract not renewed), you have 3 choices regarding equipment purchased within 3 years of your end date using PDR funds:

Choice 1: Leave equipment with Faculty Relations.

Choice 2: Keep the equipment and reimburse the University at Fair Market Value (contact Silvana De Benedetto,

Choice 3: Keep the equipment and declare it as a taxable benefit at Fair Market Value (contact Silvana De Benedetto,

• Purchases of equipment within three years of retirement must be pre-approved by Director/Chairs or Dean and a copy of this approval must be included with your PDR claim.


Claims Processing and PDR Balance:
Silvana De Benedetto
(778) 782-9715 

PDR Entitlement:
Karim Dossa
(778) 782-5681