Unpaid Leaves of Absence

47.1 A Leave of Absence is intended to provide additional opportunities to enhance academic development or for personal reasons, provided that such leave does not interfere with the teaching program of the University. Leave granted under this section will normally be without salary. 

Types of Unpaid Leave


Remunerative leave involves holding a salaried position with another organization or institution during the leave period.


The University will continue to pay its share of benefit contributions if the faculty member is pursuing an activity related to his/her University work during the leave period for which he/she will not receive a salary.


If the leave is for personal reasons, pension contributions will not be maintained but other benefits may be maintained if the employee pays both his/her and the University's share of benefit contributions.

Procedures for Application

47.7 Applications for leave of absence should, where possible, be made at least two semesters in advance of the start of the proposed leave using the University's Application for Leave of Absence form. The Member must complete the Application for Leave of Absence and forward it to the Chair.

47.8 Applications for leave will require approval of the Dean or equivalent upon recommendation of the applicant's Department. Where a Department does not recommend approval of a Leave of Absence, the applicant will be informed of the reasons in writing, and may appeal to the Dean in advance of a final decision. The Dean makes a decision on the Leave of Absence and completes and distributes the Application form.

Applications for Leave of Absence in excess of 24 months will require approval of the Vice-President, Academic. 


Collective Agreement Article:

Article 47: Leaves of Absence (47.1 to 47.9)


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