Written Confirmation to the Chair and Dean

Members should normally give at least 12 months written notice of retirement to the Chair; 18 months’ notice is preferred. This notice period may be reduced by mutual agreement.

Preparing for Retirement

Human Resources - Retiring from SFU

Retirement Financial Planning Session - Free of Charge

For any faculty and staff who are considering retirement, SunLife provides a maximum of 3 hours of financial advice free of charge. 

If you are interested in setting up an appointment with a financial advisor, please contact Human Resources, Pensions at Please note, SFU does not endorse the products sold by SunLife. We only facilitate a contact with the financial advisors who provide this service for SFU employees.

Financial Counselling for Retirement - Using PDR Funds

This is a non-recurring service for employees who are clearly at or near retirement (i.e. within 15 years of the individual's normal retirement date) where the primary emphasis is on retirement issues, but does not include advice relating to the purchase of specific investments or the promotion of a particular investment strategy.

A maximum of three hours or $750 (whichever is less) of Financial Counselling for Retirement will be an allowable Professional Development Reimbursement expense provided the provider of the service has one of these specified designations: Actuary, Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). Lawyer, Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Registered Financial Planner (RFP)




Phased Retirement Notice-Acknowledgement Form     May 22/18

Enhanced Early Retirement Application Form     Nov 24/21

Retirement Notice-Acknowledgement Form     May 2/18


SFU Computing ID upon retirement

SFU Retirees Association:

Calendar of Events

Elimination of Mandatory Retirement:

Agreement on Eliminating Mandatory Retirement

Presentation on Eliminating Mandatory Retirement

Presentation on Mandatory Retirement

Collective Agreement Articles:

Article 49: Retirement

Article 27: Research Faculty Workload (27.16) - TTR Balance prior to retirement

Article 43: Economic Benefits (43.49, 43.54) Retirement and PDR

Article 43: Economic Benefits (43.60) Gym Membership

Article 50: Release of Equipment



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